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Posted by on Aug 17, 2013 in General | 2 comments

Working Like Dogs in Rimini, Italy

Working Like Dogs in Rimini, Italy

We have been pushing hard recently; getting a puppy, having our van break down but still forging ahead with our travel through Europe. It has been trying and it is time for a break.

For us in this moment, that means spending a week somewhere. When you are going from place to place spending 2 days here, 3 days there it feels like a constant frantic dash. There’s no time to put your clothes in a drawer, properly unpack or even do laundry. You prioritize your time and only the things at the very top of the list get done, and sometimes not even those things make the cut.

At Marko’s suggestion of going to the beach we booked in for 7 days in Rimini, a popular beach town on the Northern coast of Italy. So far, we have spent the first 4 days of our time here working unrelentingly. Our host seems to be confused as to why we rarely leave our room; while everyone else is at the beach we are working tirelessly on our computers.

“Do you not like the beach?” She asks.

“Oh, we do! We do!” I protest. “We just have to get some work done first, we work online you see.” I try to explain but her perplexed expression remains.

For me, this is actually part of the recuperation period. Having some time to focus on work so I can then pursue the things I enjoy like lying on the beach (or taking pictures of other people lying on the beach). And doing work first means I feel like I am able to do this semi-guilt free. Nothing kills my creativity for taking photos faster than an inbox full of unanswered emails.

I close the lid to my laptop, brimming with a sense of satisfaction at what I have been able to accomplish over the last few days. I hear Marko open the freezer from the other room and my smile widens. I have a hunch about what he is up to.

I am already sporting my bathing suit under my tanktop and shorts, feeling fully prepared for our well-deserved beach time. I head out to find Marko, where he has our Lemoncello drinks prepared; the large yellow bottle having been chilling for us in the freezer like a liquid reward.

He extends a glass to me, and I take a sip. The cool temperature is an immediate relief from the heat of the day. The rewarding taste of sugar is first to hit my tongue, followed by a kick of puckering lemon that makes me shiver. I lick my bottom lip, a hint of the thick liquor still remaining like sweet sticky nectar. “Yum!” I declare with enthusiasm.

This commences the beginning of our afternoon of leisure. I sling a small bag over my shoulder and an instant later we are out the door. To the beach we go!












  1. Rocky is so adorable!! I love that picture of him by the fountain!! Looks like such a great time you are having…you two work so hard, you both deserve some breaktime…enjoy!! 🙂

    • He is very adorable. He gets more break time than us as well, we need to get him a job.

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