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Posted by on Apr 25, 2012 in Food | 0 comments

Top 5: Things To Do Before You Leave Traveling

Top 5: Things To Do Before You Leave Traveling

Top 5 Things to do before you leave Traveling.

1. Pack Light
This could be one of the most ignored things to think about before leaving on a trip of a lifetime. So many people we have met on our travels have had massive backpacks with copious amounts of clothes, pairs of shoes, towels, electrics and various other backpack filling objects. You are going to be lugging this bag around with you everywhere; you really do want it to be as light as possible.
I recommend that before you do your final pack to separate all of the items you want to bring into three piles: Must Bring, Want To Bring and Luxury Items. Then decide if you can live without some of those luxury and Want to bring items. The reality is once you are traveling you will ditch it if it is not something you really need so better to leave it at home.

2. Passport has Space and is in Date

You will laugh at this, but when I was a little younger and I guess a little foolish, I actually didn’t realize that my passport had expired the day before I was supposed to leave to Holland. I ended up going all the way to London on the day and buying the express option, but this cost more and was a major inconvenience. I’m sure no one else will make a simple mistake like this, but it’s always good to check.

3. Sensible Money

Make sure you have a few ways to access money before you go. It is always useful to have a few credit cards for, ahem, emergencies. You never know when you might need one or lose your main card in a dodgy foreign ATM machine or have your wallet stolen. It is also advised that you keep a little stash of money away from the bulk so that in case anything bad does happen, you have something to get you through the tough times. If I didn’t have good friends and parents, I would have really struggled at points, like when my wallet was stolen in Mongolia.

4. Preparation for future Accommodations
It is always very helpful if you write down the full address and the phone number of every place that you go to in advance. This will certainly prevent most issues that you could encounter whilst on the road. There have been many times when we were without a phone number and only an address and the taxi driver or tuk-tuk operator had no idea where it was. Having a phone number enables them to ring the hostel or hotel and find out exactly where to go.

5. Loose Ends

Make sure all of your loose ends are tied up before you go. This includes making sure you have said your goodbyes to your friends and family as you will miss them greatly.
Make sure you have authorized your cards to be used in other countries. The amount of times this has screwed us over is starting to tally up as you have to call occasionally and remind them you are still abroad. Make sure that you have all direct debits set up for your bills and card payments to make things simpler.
Many things can be forgotten and when you are on the road it can be quite difficult to get them accomplished over the phone or online. Make sure you have a good thought of every loose end before it becomes a potential issue later in your trip.

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