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Posted by on Apr 25, 2012 in Food | 0 comments

Top 5: Strangest Things We Have Eaten

Top 5: Strangest Things We Have Eaten

Top 5: Strangest Things We Have Eaten

1. Lamb Tea – Mongolia
When I was in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, I stayed in a nice little hostel called LG Hostel. I hung out with the chef (Suvd) and she showed me how to make traditional Mongolian Tea, which she exclaimed was amazing. I personally looked at her like she was a little mad as she diced the lamb finely and placed it in the big tub of milky water.

2. Dog – Hong Kong
I am sorry to say that I have in fact eaten dog in sausage form in a small back alley of Hong Kong. It was an experience that will never be repeated and haunts me still today especially when I smell a wet dog. Just writing this now is making me feel a little queasy.

3. Guinea Pig – Peru
A well-known favorite in these regions, the Guinea pig is another beloved household pet. Although this time it was actually quite tasty. We both ate into this little fella and wanted more. I would say it taste like chicken. Mind you, doesn’t everything?

4. Donkey – China
Down most tucked away alleys you can purchase a lovely donkey wrap from one of the street vendors. Absolutely delicious. Not the normal kind of dish that I would go for but I am so glad I did.

5. Sweet Corn Yoghurt – Thailand
Although this may not be strange to people from Thailand who live off corn, we were quite disgusted when we had bought a pack of yoghurts without having looked at the flavor properly and found corn in it. Yuk.

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