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Top 5: Oranje Adventures

Top 5: Oranje Adventures

Top 5 Oranje Adventures

Marko and I like to consider ourselves as adventurous people and because we travel like we do, we have had the opportunity to have some interesting adventures. These have been a few of our favorites.

  • Canoeing around Caye Caulker Island in Belize – Ok, so you went canoeing, you might be thinking to yourself. What makes this our number one adventure? Well, we greatly underestimated how long the 13 mile trip would take and simultaneously overestimated how long the sun would remain in the sky. What did this leave us with? The two of us, canoeing in the dark, with no reference points to identify where we were in relation to the island while at the same time being eating alive by a swarm of mosquitoes like something out of the x-files. And in case you were wondering, no, you cannot canoe fast enough to outrun mosquitoes. To our slight amazement, we picked the right light to lead us into shore and are able to laugh about the experience now.
  • Hiking Volcano Maderas – This was a laborious climb that lead to, if I am going to be honest, a very unimpressive swampy lake at the top, which was covered in a blanket of fog. So, why did this make the list? Because of the atrocious decent back down. It was a steep and strenuous hike up, sure, you would expect that of a nearly 5,000 ft mountain but coming down required some real skills to stay off our butts. The rain had transformed an already steep hike down into a muddy, slippery, claw your way at some points, drink an extra large pint when you get down adventure. Taking nearly 9 hours from start to finish, we were all covered in mud from head to toe looking like some sort of mud warriors. I never did get all the mud out of my clothes and shoes.
  • Cliff Diving Hawaii – Marko and I both have a bit of a fear of heights, although I say that my fear is really of falling because strap a harness on me and I am peachy keen but you wouldn’t guess we have this fear with the things we put ourselves through. Cliff diving in Hawaii is a perfect example of this. We climbed up the jagged volcanic rock tower and enjoyed the view of the amazing turquoise water from our vantage point (or perhaps attempted to delay the inevitable free-falling plummet required to get down). With a splash, we were back down in the warm Pacific Ocean and were rewarded for facing our fears with the greeting of a friendly sea turtle.
  • Zipline in Canada – Although, we had both expected to try ziplining while in Costa Rica, it didn’t work out and my father was kind enough to treat the both of us to a Zipline Adventure on our trip to Canada. This was another one of our bucket list items that we were able to check off and we both enjoyed the scenic views from high in the treetops.
  • Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala – The closest most people ever get to an active volcano is a flight over in a sightseeing helicopter, but Guatemala offers tourists a special experience that draws people from all over the world, which is a trek up an active volcano. That’s right! Bring your marshmallows and hot dogs because it is hot enough at the top to roast them in minutes. Also, don’t stand in one spot too long or you’ll melt your shoes! With a hike that brings you above the clouds, the breath taking 360 degree views and fresh lava makes this adventure one of our top.

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