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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Food | 2 comments

Destination: Pai, Thailand

Destination: Pai, Thailand

Pai is Falling in Love

IMG_7284 (Optimized)

This picture sums it up for us very well because we have fallen in love with Pai, Thailand. Unfortunately, we met too late and with only a few weeks left in Thailand, our romance with Pai will be nothing more than a fling.

IMG_7313 (Optimized)

We have been in Thailand, although not consecutively, for the last 8 months now but only in our few remaining weeks did we make it to Pai which is way up in the Northern Thai Mountains. Our reactions were immediate.
“I sure wish we could have come here instead of spending 6 months in Bangkok.”

Having spent too much time in big Asian cities, the greenery and fresh air seemed to have more oxygen in it than ever, and we appreciated the mountainous views.

IMG_7282 (Optimized)

It is hard not to fall in love with Pai with its artsy charm of quirky and unique stores, full of original artist’s designs.

IMG_7322 (Optimized)

And of course to fuel your creative spirit, a coffee shop for each day of the week, each unique and offering pleasant coffees.

IMG_7321 (Optimized)

And delectable treats.

IMG_7315 (Optimized)

We lovely referred to this little shop as “Tinker Bell’s” because it gave you the distinct impression that this might be exactly what it would be like in a ballerina music box, right down to the music playing.

IMG_7279 (Optimized)

And don’t forget the amazing food!

You see all the stickers that say, “Pai is love” and it is true. If you make it up this far north, away from the islands and the big cities, you find a little bit of magic and can’t help but be charmed.
While we might wish that we had come to Pai sooner, it has made for a beautiful ending to our time in Thailand. Like a hug goodbye from a good friend, comforting and warm but hard to pull away from and leave. We will miss many things about Thailand but it is time to say our farewells as this chapter closes and a new one begins.


  1. You guys are awesome 🙂 I just found your website and I’ve been reading through it. Very inspiring. I’m planning to take a trip next summer/fall. And reading blogs like yours is so helpful.


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