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In 2010, Marko Williamson set out on an adventure by motorbike from his hometown in England to the distance lands of Mongolia. This adventure, after some misfortune later took him by plane and on foot to the United States where he had the serendipitous luck of being hosted by Seattle local Annie Cheney.

Annie had joined the website Couchsurfing seeking inspiration from those more travelled, preparing for what she planned to be a solo trip through Central America.

Given they were heading in the same direction, they joined forces. Marko wearing one of his many oranje shirts and Annie loaded up with her overstuffed oranje backpack, side-by-side they went, becoming the Oranje Explorers.


In 2013 after 3 years and 27 countries of travel together, the couple became a travelling pack when they adopted an 8 week old King Charles Cavalier puppy who they lovingly named Rocky.

IMG_3569 (1)

Rocky has been with them to 8 countries so far and counting!


The three continue their journey, exploring different places, people, food and ultimately a less conventional way of life. These are their stories…